Loss due to headphones

If you also use headphones, then this deadly disease can be a headphone that everyone knows about, because it is often used by people for long talk or listening to music on mobile phones, where the headphones While helping to keep our hands free while talking or listening to music, the loss of headphones is also very serious, due to the frequent use of headphones many things Marian occupy, to which hearing ear, to hearing loss, insomnia, headaches, leading Also many times it proves to be due to a fatal accident.

You should use headphones within a limit and can avoid fatal accidents along with diseases caused by it. The disadvantages of headphones are as follows.

Hearing loss or deafness

Listening to loud noises from headphones causes great damage to the ears. Because our ears have a hearing capacity of only 90 decibels, which gradually decreases to 40-50 decibels. Due to which complains of deafness. Due to which many times people are unable to hear even the sound of sharp horns and become an accident.

Bad effect on the screen of the ear

Excessive use of headphones has a very bad effect on our earplugs. Because the repeated use of loud sounds, the ear curtain continuously vibrates, which also increases the risk of the ear curtain bursting.

Cancer and heart disease get promoted

Continuous listening to loud music on headphones has a bad effect not only on our ears but also on the heart. Not only this, the risk of serious disease like cancer also increases with aging.

Bad effects on the brain:

Hearing a song for a long time with earphones also affects the brain. The electromagnetic waves emanating from the earphones cause great damage to the brain cells. Today, excessive use of earphones is the cause of ear problems in almost fifty percent of the youth. Excessive use of earphones can cause common problems such as ear pain, headache, or sleeplessness.

Infection risk

If you use headphones from anyone, then be careful, because by doing this continuously, you may get ear infection disease. If you want to avoid ear infections, always use your headphones. Also if you use someone else’s headphone, clean it up. If you want to avoid ear infections, always use your headphones. Also if you use someone else’s headphone, clean it up.

How to avoid it:

Make a habit of using earphones to a minimum. If you have to work with earphones for hours, then take a break of at least 5 minutes every hour. Use only good quality headphones or earphones and use headphones instead of ear buds as they are placed in the outer ear. According to research, if a person listens to music at a volume higher than 80 decibels for more than an hour per day, he may have a problem with hearing difficulty in at least 5 years or he may be permanently Can be deaf.

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