Notepad Text Editor

Notepad is known as a simple text editor for Microsoft Windows. And this has been added in all versions of Microsoft Windows since.

Notepad is just a simple text editor. And the resulting files are normally saved with the .txt extension – and it has no format styles or tags, making the program suitable for editing system files to utilize in a DOS environment and source code for later execution or collection, normally through a command prompt. It is also useable for its negligible use of system resources; making for early load time and processing time, particularly on under-powered hardware. This can supports both rights to left and left to right languages. Not to like WordPad, Notepad can’t treat newlines in Mac –style or UNIX text file perfectly. Notepad just provides the most simple text manipulation functions like as finding text.

With a search and replace function, only newer versions of Windows add an updated version of Notepad. Even then we can say that this has much less function in the comparison to full-scale editors. The first Notepad version of Microsoft predates Windows. They added it in a set of utilities they bundled with Microsoft Mouse as early a 1983 such as subsequent versions; this was a simple plain text editor that used the mouse for menu navigation and text manipulation. Even then, not to like its window successors, this was a Dos program limited to full-screen operation.

Notepad never demands a lock on the file it opens, therefore this can open the files itself opened by other processes, computers or users, whereas WordPad cannot. Since Notepad have lacks advanced formatting function, many people mind it’s as simple interface faster and easier to use for basic text operation in the compression of the others. The MS-Dos Editor, particularly as updated in Windows 95, where this became an MDI application, and offers many features but never offered by Notepad.

There are a lot of third-party replacements for notepad with advanced functionality, adding both free freeware and software. Notepad have lacks of features available  in other text editors, like as Unix-format newlines, block select, regular expressions, code folding, syntax coloring and MDI and lacks support for line wrapping fully.

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