There’s something magical about walking into a bakery. The sweet smell of toasted seeds fills the air, and pies, cakes, and pastries beckon from display cases.

This forward-thinking operation uses only the finest grains, local if possible, milled on site for maximum flavor and freshness. Its bread, including challah and Scandinavian rye, is undoubtedly the best in town.

1. Shatila’s Baklava

Baklava is a classic Mediterranean dessert made from layers of flaky pastry dough with nut filling. Typically, it is made with pistachios and California walnuts. It is also available in a sugar-free version.

Riad Shatila opened his bakery in 1979 in Dearborn, Michigan. It now operates a state-of-the-art facility on Schaefer Road and ships its products worldwide. He is still very involved in his company, and his daughter Tanya is one of the company’s top managers. She oversees the shipping department. She is very passionate about her work and takes it seriously.

2. Jim Lahey

Long before home baking became a thing, Jim Lahey’s no-knead bread recipe reminded people it was really not that hard to make your own. He’s written several cookbooks, opened a pizza restaurant called Co., and is the supervisor at Sunnyvale Trailer Park, where he and his devoted assistant Randy live.

This Montana bakery started out as a market stand, but now it’s a must-visit for those who know a good butter croissant when they taste one. It also churns out impressive savory dishes and Mardi Gras king cakes topped with beads and fake babies.

4. Caceres

The city of Caceres has a history steeped in centuries of conflict, reflected in its architecture. Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1986, its walls display a unique blend of Roman, Moorish, Northern Gothic and Italian Renaissance styles. Thirty towers from the Islamic period remain, including the emblematic Torre de Bujaco.

Explore the Old Town to discover monuments shaped by Roman, Moorish and Christian peoples. The area is also famous for salt-cured ham, red wine, sheep and goat’s cheese and pastries. The city is served by the CP Cacereno train station and has several bus routes.

5. Kirk Smock

What started as a solo South End bakery peddling the city’s best sticky buns has grown into an empire, inspiring the well-loved network of worker-owned Arizmendi bakeries throughout the Bay Area. Today, this modern Italian-American bakery churns out cardamom buns, chocolate brioche, and kouign amann with impressive skill.

Le Cordon Bleu alum Nathaniel Reid has brought textbook-perfect croissants and craveable kouign amann to this no-frills Bloomfield bakery, which also serves breakfast sandwiches that make you want to get up and run out to the local greenmarket.

6. Anaya’s

The name Anaya is found in 63 countries, but it is most prevalent in Mexico. The meaning of the name is “to enliven” or “to revive”. People who have this surname are very passionate about what they do.

Rudolfo Anaya was born on the threshold of World War II in the vast, windswept cradle of New Mexico’s llano. He would prove to be the most famous Chicano writer of his time. His writing inspired generations to follow in his footsteps and make their own mark on the world.

7. Bread & Wine

Bread & Wine believes that good things don’t need to be complicated. They make wines that are honest and delicious, and they want people to enjoy them.

Bread and wine are staples in many cultures. They have accrued religious symbolism over time. They represent God’s blessings on the land.

They are also the elements used in Communion. The communion symbolizes Christ’s body and blood. The Eucharist is celebrated weekly or monthly in churches. The communion can be taken by adults and children alike. Communion is also a sign of unity and peace in the Church.

8. Supermoon Bakehouse

This Lower East Side bakery is the brainchild of Melbourne-born pastry chef Ry Stephen and co-owner Aron Tzimas. Their Insta-famous shop turns out a vivid assortment of viennoiserie, including the croissant-muffin hybrid cruffin (new flavors debut every two weeks), brioche doughnuts and oozy flavored eclairs.

The simple storefront has a wall of glass separating the kitchen, where bakers turn out technicolor pastries adorned with eye-catching garnishes. The best-selling item is a graza olive oil soft serve topped with yuzu creme and lemon zest, which sells out fast.

9. Long’s Bakery

Founded in 1955, this Indianapolis staple is a must-visit for any doughnut lover. Founder Carl Long used his experience at a German bakery to create a recipe that yields lighter, fluffier yeast donuts.

The bakery combines modern technology with time-tested formulas and makeup techniques to better serve a half-million customers each year. Other popular items include savory kolaches.

In 2020, Indianapolis rapper Tevin Studdard released a music video dedicated to the beloved bakery, which racked up millions of views online. Long’s Bakery also offers a wide range of cookies, cakes and breads.

10. Seattle Bread Co.

The bakery started out with one modest outdoor wood-fired bread oven, and today it distributes to more than 200 wholesale customers. It also bakes danishes, scones, cupcakes, cookies, and old-fashioned cakes that are as delicious as they are beautiful.

Italian immigrant Giglio Gai built this local powerhouse into Seattle’s largest bakery, supplying high-end restaurants and grocery stores. Then his sons Phil and Henry took it to the next level. The bakery’s flaky croissants are a citywide obsession. It’s a workhorse that deserves your support.

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