Biggest Celebrity Fashion Disasters Ever

No one is going to deny that fashion is a tricky beast. What is hot today is cold tomorrow, and what was trendy yesterday has suddenly gone full circle and as is fashionable once again. It can be a nightmare keeping track of it all, and there is certainly plenty of room to land up in a fashion disaster.

If you’re a celebrity, however, you have a great deal more eyes on you than the average person. So getting your fashion wrong can mean be a ton more than a bit of shy blushing. It can mean a disaster that lands up as headline news on every fashion site in the world.

Here are out top picks for the times that celebrities really misjudged what was hot and ended up as a laughing stock. You may want to avoid these mistakes when picking out your next outfit.

Alicia Keys – What Is She Wearing?

At the 2002 Grammy Awards, Alicia Keys was expected to sweep down the red carpet in something that took onlookers breaths away. She achieved that goal, but not for the reasons she hoped. Her bizarre set of garments appeared to be a collection of multiple outfits, which wouldn’t have been a bad idea. If done correctly. A belt appeared to be around her neck, and a transparent sarong was thrown on over a pair of black pants. Plus, whatever she had draped over hair head was clearly not meant to be headwear at all.

Onlookers must have muttered something along the lines of ‘what is she wearing?’ Which isn’t the reaction you want at the Grammy Awards. Perhaps she should have stayed home and played slots onlineinstead.

Celine Dion

The 1999 Oscars were the perfect place for Celine Dion to steal the show, and she certainly did just that. Though, if you’re stealing the show via a certifiable fashion nightmare, it is probably not the right way to go about getting attention. Celine arrived in a lovely white suit, topped with quirky hat. Sounds lovely?

It was, only the suit jacket was on backwards. Celine probably thought she was being daring, which is not a bad idea as far as fashion goes. But this seemed to be a last minute decision made in very poor taste.


Last we have Rihanna. As far as fashion goes, Rihanna is known for being a bit edgy. Her dress sense often makes headlines, though the general consensus is that she nails her look, even if it is slightly niche. At the 2015 Grammy Awards, however, Rihanna must have really been feeling the pressure to stand apart. Her multi-layered, bushy pink dress seemed stolen from the Victorian era, making her appear something like the fashion project of an enthusiastic pre-schooler. It was a look that could have worked, if perhaps some effort had been made to balance out the monumental, distracting pink dress.

Rihanna did go on to redeem herself later, but questions are still being asked as to what convinced her the pink dress was a good idea back in 2015.

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